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Being injured in an accident as a result of the actions or inaction of another could entitle you to compensation for your injuries, losses, and damage you have sustained. A personal injury can cause significant impacts on your day-to-day life; from painful injury recovery and rehabilitation to loss of income due to work absences or restrictions and the accumulation of medical bills for emergency and extended treatment. If you have been injured in an accident contact a Personal Injury Attorney to discuss your case, your rights, and your available options to seek compensation for the damages you have endured.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Suffering an injury does not automatically mean that your situation is a personal injury matter. However, when that injury occurs as the result of an accident due to the negligence of another there is a higher probability that you may be eligible to seek compensation against the party who is at fault.

The most common types of Personal Injury matters include:

  • Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accidents — Injuries that arise from motor vehicle collisions or tractor-trailer collisions causing injuries to drivers and passengers
  • Boating or Recreational Vehicle Accidents — Leisure vehicles such as boats, jet skis, ATVs, and dirt bikes can become involved in collisions similar to vehicles and often these accidents occur due to the negligence of one or more parties. 
  • Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents — Injuries that occur while traveling along the roadways, pedestrian or bicycle path due to outside forces.
  • Premises Liability — Accidents such as slip and falls that can occur on either private or public properties and result in injuries due to circumstances including improper maintenance, negligence, or unsafe conditions.
  • Animal Bites/Attacks — Most commonly refers to dog bites but can include bites or attacks from any animal under the care or control of an individual or organization
  • Product Liability — Injuries that occur to consumers from the negligent design, manufacturing, or purpose of a particular product.
  • Wrongful Death — The death of a loved one that resulted from the negligent actions or inaction of an entity, group, or individual

Determination of Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

In order to be entitled to compensation for your injuries in a personal injury case, it must be determined that an individual or entity acted negligently and as a result, caused whether directly or indirectly your injuries. The negligent actions or inaction of a party are the basis for a personal injury lawsuit against them. Ultimately it is up to the courts to decide whether or not a party acted negligently and cause your injuries. There are several factors that a court will consider when deliberating whether a party was negligent.

Indications of Negligence include:

In order for negligence to be proven in a personal injury matter, a court will look at 4 specific factors and whether they are present in your case.

  • Duty of Care — It must first be determined whether the opposing party owed you a duty of care.
  • Breach of Duty of Care –Then it must be determined if the party in their actions or inaction violated that duty of care.
  • Party Caused the Injury — It must then be shown that the party's actions or inaction had some hand in causing your injuries whether directly or indirectly
  • An Actual Injury has Occurred — It must finally be shown that you have suffered actual harm through an injury or damages

How Can a Carlsbad Personal Injury Attorney Help You

Personal injury law is a complicated field that oftentimes requires specialized knowledge and experience to ensure your best interest are sought after. Accidents that occur as a result of personal injury cases involve a number of parties and competing interests that can quickly overwhelm; from insurance companies to defense lawyers, and medical collections.

A personal injury attorney can help you manage these communications and navigate this difficult time to ensure that your best interests remain present throughout the process and your case. The reality is that in the aftermath of an accident that has caused significant harm and disruption in your life your primary focus should be on recovery and rehabilitation. Obtaining legal representation can lift some of the burden of uncertainty that you are facing when trying to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

When to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Carlsbad?

Before hiring legal representation you should contact an attorney for an initial case evaluation to discuss your matter. Many times individuals are hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer because they are concerned they will not be able to afford one. However, hiring a personal injury lawyer will not require any out-of-pocket or upfront costs from the injured party. Most personal injury attorneys work only on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer will only be compensated for their representation in your matter if you reach a settlement or judgment in your case. California's law has specific limitations on how much of a contingency fee an attorney can charge depending on the stage in which you receive compensation.

You should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you are physically able to following an accident. The sooner you are able to obtain legal representation, the sooner your legal rights and interests will be protected. In the days following an accident there will be a significant amount of communications between insurance companies and other interested third parties; having representation from the outset of your case can ensure the proper steps are followed from the beginning.

While it is ideal to seek representation immediately following your accident it is understandable that there are often circumstances or situations beyond your control that may prevent you from doing so. If you have been injured and are having trouble with your personal injury matter and time is continuing to pass, reach out to an attorney as soon as possible for a case evaluation and consultation. Personal injury cases are in fact subject to a statute of limitations of 2 years from the date of your injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident contact Craig F. Castle Law for a Free Initial Consultation to discuss your case. 

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